Webinar: Marketing’s Future with AI: Beyond the Hype, There’s Hope

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have struggled to meet our collective expectations. Marketers and technologists everywhere have long waited for the sci-fi-like functionality of an AI helper optimizing and perfecting day-to-day interactions and tasks, giving them the freedom and flexibility to meet customer demands quickly and easily. Here’s the thing—we might not be as far off from that as you think. 

Consider the user experience within today’s top entertainment apps. Netflix is well known for using machine learning to recommend new content based not only on what a person has watched, but also what has been watched multiple times, rewound, or fast-forwarded. This, my friends, is the tip of the proverbial iceberg; this expert use of customer behavior can become an AI tool’s foundation for hyper-personalized experiences, greater segmentation, and smarter, more precise messaging across channels. 

But I know what you’re going to say: That’s great for Netflix, but it wouldn’t be impossible for my data analytics team to collect and sort through all the data that would be needed for these kind of AI-powered experiences. Well, with the right platform, you actually can collect, organize, and send AI-powered campaigns in an instant. Swrve processes 14 billion customer events daily for that exact purpose. And as it stands, AI tools like Autopilot are already out there to enable brands to reach audiences in real-world situations, create relevant and personalized messages, and interact with customers in a meaningful and valuable way at scale. 

So, with all of what’s already here, we can’t help but wonder: what’s next? How will AI continue to rise to meet our needs?

At his upcoming webinar, Swrve’s Chief Marketing Officer, Barry Nolan will answer exactly that. He’s partnering with the Mobile Marketing Association to reveal what’s next, and leave you with exclusive insights on:

  • How AI is scaling to provide reliable, data-driven predictions and recommendations around interactions with audiences worldwide
  • How AI can be used now to add immediacy and relevance to your messaging across channels
  • What practical steps you can take today to prepare for your brand for the future of AI

Join marketers, technologists, and data science experts everywhere in watching the webinar Marketing’s Future with AI: Beyond the Hype, There’s Hope live on Tuesday, December 4th. Sign up now.