The Next Step in Multi-Channel Marketing: Track and Target Individual Users Across Devices

Wouldn’t it be great to identify and track the behavior of individual users across multiple devices? And wouldn’t it also be terrific to distinguish between different users who log into the same device? Well, it’s funny you should mention it, because Swrve’s new User Identity feature enables just that.

One User Profile Across All Devices

Put simply: all of a user’s digital behavior can now be aggregated under one profile, no matter whether they’re active on a phone, tablet, web browser, smart TV, etc., or if various family members/roommates are logging in separately on a shared device. It’s a major development towards comprehensive multi-channel marketing, facilitating much more consistent, targeted and relevant campaigns across devices than has ever been possible before.

So if Sally is watching The Sopranos on her phone on the bus ride home, and then on Terry’s tablet when she’s in the bath (be careful Sally!), before watching one too many episodes on her smart TV before bed, you can track all this and sync your campaigns across devices, without annoying Terry with irrelevant messages about The Sopranos (he doesn’t like violence).  

All of a user’s digital behavior can now be aggregated under one profile

Or if Terry searches for a flight to Paris for an April weekend break while he’s logged into a website on his desktop web browser at home, but doesn’t complete the purchase, you can use this data to micro-target him on his mobile device a few days later when he’s at work. Sally will be none the wiser about the surprise trip away.

How Does the User Identity Feature Work?

Now, I know what you’re all thinking: ‘but how does it work?’ Let’s take a quick look under the hood. It’s quite straightforward really; Swrve identifies each individual in the user flow, and assigns them an SDK-generated Swrve user ID the first time they use an app after installing it on a device. This internal Swrve user ID, only known to your CRM, then enables you to track users across multiple devices, platforms, and channels, by linking it to the external user IDs you provide for each of your app users.

Furthermore, Swrve checks if the user has been previously identified or whether it’s the first time the user identity has logged into the app on a device. How the user identity is then handled depends on the scenarios, which are: anonymous user installs the app on a new device; identified user installs the app on a new device; and new user logs into an installed app on a known device.

So there we have it folks. If you’d like to see  Swrve’s User Identity feature for yourself, just explore it in one of our demos.