Swrve Announces Integration With Salesforce Service Cloud

Messaging is the primary way people now communicate. The volume of daily messages through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat far eclipse all other communication channels combined (phone, email, SMS, etc.). Messaging is now the default when people communicate.

This has implications for businesses: people also prefer to communicate with businesses the way they communicate with other people. 9 out of 10 people want to talk to companies using messaging over traditional channels like phone and email.

When communicating, they also expect that their experiences with a company be joined up. It sounds obvious, but if you are in a protracted and painful conversation with the support team of your broadband provider, you don't expect (and don't welcome) an upgrade promotional offer from the same company’s marketing team. It's jarring. It's a terrible customer experience. 

These core pillars, enabling support through mobile messaging and joined up service experiences, are integral to Swrve's new connector with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Service Cloud enables enterprises to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized customer service experiences. It delivers best-in-class agent experience, with all the information that agents need at their fingertips, as well as case management, workflows and approval, and omni-channel routing.

The Swrve Mobile Connector for Service Cloud is an intelligent, bi-directional integration that helps brands unify customer experiences by automating Swrve push notifications and in-app messages from Service Cloud, and synchronizing customer data for use across marketing campaigns and customer service.

Swrve & Service Cloud

Let’s take a quick look at the four ways Swrve's Salesforce Service Cloud connector powers great service experiences:

Messaging-based service updates: The integration enables the use of Swrve mobile push notifications and in-app experiences to update customers on their service ticket or case status. The result: greater call deflection and better customer experience.

Pause all marketing whilst a support issue is open: Temporarily suppress marketing campaigns with customers who have open service and support issues. Once the ticket or case is closed, marketing automatically resumes. The result: a better customer experience. 

Survey customers service experience: Trigger Swrve push in-app surveys to get instant feedback on customer satisfaction after a ticket or a case is closed/resolved. Depending on the customer's response, trigger a next best action.  For example, follow up with an email to get more in-depth learning about a poor service experience. The result: track customers' satisfaction.

Incorporate service experiences in targeting and segmentation: Make service and support history data available to Swrve’s microtargeting engine for more 1:1 personalized mobile campaigns. The result: more personalized marketing.  

So why does this matter? Well, great brands are built on great service experiences. And great service experiences are correlated with the superior performance of business KPIs, principally revenue and growth. Great service experiences are powered by informed, timely and relevant mobile-messaging, which is exactly what Swrve and Service Cloud provides. The new connector to power great service experiences is live and in production today.  

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