Swrve 3.0 - Empowering Marketers to Win More Moments of Engagement with Real-Time Relevance

There is a sea change happening in marketing. One-size-fits-all broadcast campaigns are no longer good enough; instead, businesses are embracing contextual, timely, and personalized communications that provide consumers with the experiences they increasingly want and expect. For businesses, it offers a tremendous opportunity to win more moments of engagement through relevant messaging that will build more loyal and profitable customer relationships.

Businesses are struggling with this transition. Recent research revealed that 84% of consumers think the communications sent to them from enterprises are irrelevant. 52% say they would switch brands as a consequence. The cost of failing to adapt to the new marketing landscape is massive: in the US alone Accenture estimates that over $1 trillion is at risk for companies that fail to maintain customer relevance. It should be apparent to all that businesses have to adapt fast.

 Accenture estimates that over $1 trillion is at risk for companies that fail to maintain customer relevance

Enter Swrve 3.0

The release of Swrve 3.0, an entirely new from the ground-up platform, provides a solution that reimagines how marketers understand and communicate with their customers and prospects across the broad range of mobileweb and TV apps that they use every day. In fact, some of the world’s largest organizations are already deploying the new capabilities of the Swrve 3.0 platform for its microtargeting capabilities, its multi-channel campaign workflows, and its Autopilot AI technology. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new:

Real-Time Engagement Platform Reaches Customers in Relevant Micro-Moments

Unlike stand-alone analytics tools, Swrve processes real-time behavioral data from multiple sources, building audiences, and triggering messaging based on user behavior. Presently, the platform processes a massive 14 billion of these events a day.

This is important as rdynamic campaigns eliminate the need to construct elaborate workflows to guess which steps users will take and in which order, like you would do in a static journey builder canvas. With Swrve 3.0, interactions fire automatically — on any channel — the instant targeting and triggering conditions are met.

Uniquely, the platform sees beyond the “events” a user has taken, e.g. a flight purchase, by exploring deeper into event “event payloads”, which unlock individual customer needs, e.g. details of the event, like return flights to LAX/JFK, with no seat purchased, but purchased a window seat four times in last five flights. Using an all-new user interface, marketers can build their segments and audiences without relying on their business intelligence teams.

Swrve reimagines how marketers understand and communicate with their customers and prospects

Clients Benefit from a Unified, Multi-Channel Campaign Workflow

Swrve 3.0 also enables marketers to do things like: connect and unify customer data across multiple channels; unify multi-channel campaigns with shared targeting, triggering, personalization and workflow; and also reach customers across all the channels modern consumers prefer. These include mobile in-app and push messaging, web messaging, email messaging and messaging through over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Retain and Grow Customer Relationships

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology pervades the Swrve 3.0 platform. It enables marketers to predict individuals whose behavior shows a strong propensity to churn, as well as to optimize mobile experiences with A/B resource testing.

The Autopilot AI feature also delivers messaging at each customer’s optimal time of day. Swrve clients entrust Autopilot optimal time delivery to handle 70 percent of all scheduled messages. Using this feature, most clients achieve double or triple response rates compared to broadcast approaches.


To find out more about how Swrve 3.0 can help your business win more moments of multichannel engagement, get in touch with our team here.