Marketing Made Easier With the New Swrve UI

We’ve written at length about the importance of great design, particularly putting your users first, and now thanks to our recent UI update we’re proud to be showing it off. And by gosh isn’t it beautiful? It’s clearer, fresher, and more polished than ever before.

But as beauty is only skin deep, the update goes beyond cosmetics. Having garnered extensive feedback from customers, our product team have implemented changes that make it easier to view progress, explore metrics, and manage your messaging, helping you work faster and more efficiently across campaigns.

New Swrve UI - Campaigns

This is especially the case when it comes to accessing the right information at the right time. The Swrve dashboard now presents all campaigns in one centralized list view that can be narrowed down and filtered with ease. You can filter based on any variety of present state (active, draft, finished etc), channel (push, IAM, email, SMS, location), and who created it and at what date.

This is really useful for being able to see important information at a high level, and compare metrics quickly across programs. Simply expanding the individual cards will show a more detailed summary of how the a campaign is performing. In other words, everything you need is just a click or two away.

Our new UI vision is not just limited to campaigns, but extends consistently across all our dashboard features, including optimization (UX A/B testing), analytics (trend reports, funnels, UA, cohorts, attribution etc), and management (segments, audience building, integrations etc), so once you’re familiar with the new design, you will be more efficient in your workflow.

If you like what you see (and who wouldn’t?!) how about a demo? Just ask us.