Connecting Where it Counts: Salesforce and Swrve


In today’s experience economy, brands are expected to deliver value wherever and whenever customers choose to interact with them. As a result, untapped channels and data silos will stand in the way of opportunities to grow your in-app revenue. The more obstacles you encounter in your ability to target customers wherever they are on mobile, web, email, and OTT, the less you’re able to drive monetization exactly when it matters to your bottom line. The right integrations will solve these issues and keep your brand current, relevant, and omnipresent with customers without compromising the quality or impact of your messaging.

This is where Swrve and Salesforce Marketing Cloud come in. On their own, both platforms bring tremendous value to enterprise marketing efforts. But joined together, they give marketers a complete, fully scalable suite of tools and triggers that create truly dynamic, hyper relevant customer journeys that deliver value in real time across mobile and other channels. 

Here’s how it works. Swrve adds rich mobile push notifications, pixel-perfect, on-brand in-app messages, A/B testing, real-time behavioral tracking, geofencing, real-time, location-based messaging, and powerful analytics to Salesforce, all at enterprise scale. Not only can a Swrve SDK capture customer data across all kinds of mobile devices and providers, but our mobile analytics sync seamlessly with APIs and webhooks to ensure true 1:1 response in real time, every time. Our platform brings instant engagement, retention, and revenue value to mobile, and maximizes the reach and relevance of marketing campaigns, both inside and outside mobile apps, making Salesforce Marketing Cloud a true multichannel platform. 

“Customers expect 1:1 experiences across any channel. Our partnership with Swrve enables our customers to leverage advanced mobile capabilities to extend the 1:1 customer journey beyond email, SMS, ads and social,” said a VP of Mobile Products at Salesforce. 

Convenience is top-of-mind in this integration. Our seamless integration allows for all the power of Swrve’s mobile capabilities to be accessed directly from Journey Builder.  So, not having to relearn an entirely new platform—all of Swrve’s capabilities can be accessed from the same environment you’ve been using all along. Plus, the connection is bi-directional.  Swrve's real-time processing can be delivered back into Salesforce, adding valuable behavioral indicators to all mobile app users. It’s fluid. It’s real time. And it’s a serious value add for any busy marketer that needs to be flexible and agile in their path to hitting goals.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Swrve have created a partnership that benefits brands as much as their customers—one rooted in convenience, speed, and valuable, data-driven connections across channels. This is never more evident than when NETGEAR generated a 320% lift in new upsell revenue and saw a 170% increase in engagement within 40 days of integrating Swrve with Salesforce

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