Build vs. Buy: The 2020 Mobile Marketing Buyer’s Guide


Build vs. buy: it’s the age-old debate that every global brand must face when tackling their digital transformation goals. Because at this point, we can all agree that a mobile marketing solution is a necessary tool for global brands looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape. After all, it’s where your customers are: the average consumer spent 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on mobile last year. And they’re spending hard-earned money there, too—according to App Annie, $120 billion was spent in the worldwide app store in 2019.

So when facing the prospect of building your own solution, or investing in a well-oiled machine, there’s a lot to consider. From a technology standpoint, there are distinct specifications required to meet today’s standards around data analysis, testing capabilities, message creation and delivery, and more. From an experience standpoint, there are clear factors around what would make a good short-term solution, and what will scale and evolve to last for the long run. And, finally, from an investment standpoint, there are specifics that determine which decision will produce the most return, and which will cause an expensive headache in the end.

To make things easier for you, our experts have just released the complete guide with everything you need to know before making your next big investment. You’ll learn all the specifications that matter for long-term success, including:

  • Mobile and multichannel experience support
  • Targeting and triggering messaging
  • A/B testing and optimization
  • Data and analytics
  • Real-time responsiveness

Get the facts: download the 2020 Mobile Marketing Buyer’s Guide today. 

Get the facts: download the 2020 Mobile Marketing Buyer’s Guide today.

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