The #SwrveThisWay Series, Post #4: How to Boost Smartphone Sales to Existing Telecom Customers


#SwrveThisWay is a blog series that showcases how global teams solve everyday issues with Swrve. Every blog post covers a new topic in a new industry, and common issues that were solved in real life using our industry-leading mobile-first customer engagement platform. 

This Week’s Issue: Telecom Apps - Boosting Smartphone Sales to Existing Customers

As smartphones and subscription plans continue to evolve, device resale markets grow and cell phone contracts become easier to switch. For many telecom brands, this new landscape has made retention more difficult, while also negatively impacting the sale of new devices; many customers are choosing to hold onto their existing devices for longer and longer, decreasing net new revenue from device sales, and lowering the lifetime value of existing customers. 

As quarterly revenues continued to slip, Kathleen, a Marketing Analyst at a popular global telecom brand, used Swrve’s analytics to confirm her suspicions: not only were customers upgrading their phones less often, but they’re even viewing and browsing available phones less than ever before.

How Swrve Solves This Issue

Swrve processes over 14 billion data points daily, making it the perfect solution for identifying exactly which users are most in need of an upgrade. Swrve’s enterprise-grade targeting and triggering then allows brands to direct very specific outreach to these users. Now teams can quickly identify users whose current device hardware trails behind newer models, so that they can easily target these users with new devices that will best support the latest operating systems. And they can deliver these messages exactly when a user is most likely to engage using Swrve’s optimal send-time delivery feature

The Campaign: Encouraging Device Upgrades with Precise Targeting and Perfect Timing

With Swrve, it was easy for Kathleen to create a two-pronged solution for encouraging new smartphone purchases:

  • For those users who were opted in to receive push notifications from the brand, but did not regularly open the app, Kathleen sent a hyper targeted, personalized push message encouraging them to explore their device upgrade options. These messages were delivered exactly when they were most likely to engage and open the app. 
  • For users who were not opted into push notifications from the brand but did regularly use the app for managing their bill payments and other account-related tasks, Kathleen took advantage of the moments they were engaged in the app and sent targeted in-app messages displaying with their specific upgrade options. 

These campaigns performed incredibly well: Kathleen saw a 19% engagement rate on her push campaign and a 35% engagement rate on her in-app messaging campaign. Following these campaigns, Kathleen saw major increases in traffic to the device section of the website, along with a 8% lift in new device sales in a single business quarter. These campaigns were actually what she needed to lift the lifetime value of individual users, and meet her revenue goals.

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